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Park City Property Management

If you are looking to buy a second home in Park City, or already own a property here, then you may be considering looking into resort property management. To properly maintain your property and make the owning of the building all the more easy for you, then the right management is key. Similarly, to maximise the revenue of the property if you are looking to rent it out. You need to sort through the options available; however, here is one option that could prove to be a great choice for you and your property.

Lespri Park City

This option for you resort property management really is a great choice and hopefully will be the right fit for you. They are a great company that will manage your property as you would hope that they do.

  • They are tailored to Suit your Needs.

Firstly, they offer a plan that is tailored to the needs of you, so that you are in control of how your property is run. You can choose between either splitting the revenue and paying an upfront management fee. This provides the property owner (that’s you) with flexibility in how they wish to have their property managed and allows the company to fit your needs.

  • Lespri Amenities.

By using Lespri Park City Management you will be given access to the amenities that the company have. One of these is a fitness centre that is open 24-hours and is centrally located meaning it can be accessed by any property owner from anywhere. Other amenities include restaurants that serve up some of the best food in Park City, such as a Sushi bar and a Steak restaurant. On top of this the resort property management offer a spa that offers many organic products and spa services for the partner. Outside of Park City, if you are looking to vacation in some of the sister sites such as Jackson Hole or Whistler then you can do through Lespri. All of these are available to the property owner who chooses to employ Lespri Park City.

  • In-House Marketing Agency.

The Lespri property management team are well experienced and only work with the best in marketing a property. An owner can therefore be safe in the knowledge that their property is being marketed as much as possible and to the highest quality level as well. Marketing takes place through a number of avenues, such as television, newspaper, online adverts and international and domestic sales programs. This is the peak of marketing for resort property management and will allow a property to be marketed thoroughly by the company.

If you own a second home in Park City, or are looking to buy one, then Lespri are a great option if you are looking for a company to manage the property. As you can see above, the advantages of employing them are numerous and would persuade most owners to partner with the company. Therefore, if you are looking for resort property management, then you should definitely consider Lespri Park City.

Or, if you just want to stay Park City for a couple of days and wondering where to stay, check out Park City lodging for more options.



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